Architectural Study and Rendering


  • Architectural Study and Rendering 1: Drawing as a 2D visual language that describes 3D spaces and forms. Explore various kinds of architectural drawings – axonometric and isomeric views to perspective sketches as a tool for imaging, developing and communicating 3D projects. Light, shade and shadow, surface and depth, drawing can inform, reveal and communicate crucial aspects of the built form.
  • Advanced Architectural Study and Rendering 2: Understanding/using the expressive and communicative possibilities of drawing with attention to historical and contemporary examples. Drawing as an analytical design tool with attention to structure, pattern and visual hierarchies. Drawing as a conceptual design tool. Manipulation of captured images. Understanding/utilizing one, two and three-point perspective views (freehand sketch and computer generated 3D hybrid mode).

Materials: graphite, markers, Adobe computer programs.


 Student Gallery
 Architectural Study and Rendering 1

 Student Gallery
 Advanced Architectural Study and Rendering 2